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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kundapura Pincode / Post Office Search (UDUPI, Karnataka)

Ajrihara B.O 576283KundapuraKarnataka
Alur B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Amasebail B.O 576227KundapuraKarnataka
Ampar B.O 576211KundapuraKarnataka
Anagalli B.O 576211KundapuraKarnataka
Ardi B.O 576212KundapuraKarnataka
Asodu B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Badakere B.O 576224KundapuraKarnataka
Balkur B.O 576211KundapuraKarnataka
Basrur S.O 576211KundapuraKarnataka
Beejadi B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Belve S.O 576212KundapuraKarnataka
Bijur B.O 576232KundapuraKarnataka
Byndoor S.O 576214KundapuraKarnataka
Chittoor B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Devalkunda B.O 576230KundapuraKarnataka
Gandhi-maidan S.O 576201KundapuraKarnataka
Ganguli S.O 576216KundapuraKarnataka
Golihole B.O 576214KundapuraKarnataka
Gujjadi S.O 576247KundapuraKarnataka
Gulvadi B.O 576283KundapuraKarnataka
Gummahola B.O 576212KundapuraKarnataka
Hadavu B.O 576235KundapuraKarnataka
Hakladi B.O 576235KundapuraKarnataka
Haladi-28 B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Haladi-76 B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Halladi-harkadi B.O 576210KundapuraKarnataka
Hallihole B.O 576229KundapuraKarnataka
Halnadu B.O 576211KundapuraKarnataka
Harkur B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Hattiangadi S.O 576283KundapuraKarnataka
Hemmadi B.O 576230KundapuraKarnataka
Hengavalli B.O 576212KundapuraKarnataka
Heranjal B.O 576219KundapuraKarnataka
Herikudru B.O 576230KundapuraKarnataka
Heskethur B.O 576210KundapuraKarnataka
Hosadu B.O 576247KundapuraKarnataka
Hosangadi S.O 576282KundapuraKarnataka
Hunsemakki B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Idurkunhady B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Jadkal B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Jansale B.O 576229KundapuraKarnataka
Japthi B.O 576211KundapuraKarnataka
Kalthod B.O 576219KundapuraKarnataka
Kamalashile B.O 576229KundapuraKarnataka
Kandlur B.O 576211KundapuraKarnataka
Kanyana B.O 576230KundapuraKarnataka
Karkunje B.O 576283KundapuraKarnataka
Kattebelthur B.O 576230KundapuraKarnataka
Kavradi B.O 576211KundapuraKarnataka
Kedur B.O 576231KundapuraKarnataka
Kenchanur B.O 576283KundapuraKarnataka
Keradi B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Kergal B.O 576219KundapuraKarnataka
Khambadakone S.O 576219KundapuraKarnataka
Kirimanjeshwara B.O 576219KundapuraKarnataka
Koderi B.O 576219KundapuraKarnataka
Kodi B.O 576217KundapuraKarnataka
Kodladi B.O 576283KundapuraKarnataka
Kollur S.O 576220KundapuraKarnataka
Koni B.O 576217KundapuraKarnataka
Korgi B.O 576231KundapuraKarnataka
Koteshwara S.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Krodabailur B.O 576227KundapuraKarnataka
Kulanje B.O 576227KundapuraKarnataka
Kumbhashi S.O 576257KundapuraKarnataka
Kundabarandadi B.O 576235KundapuraKarnataka
Kundapura Market S.O 576201KundapuraKarnataka
Kundapura West B.O 576201KundapuraKarnataka
Machattu B.O 576227KundapuraKarnataka
Madamakki B.O 576212KundapuraKarnataka
Maravanthe B.O 576224KundapuraKarnataka
Mayyadi B.O 576214KundapuraKarnataka
Melhosur B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Molahalli B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Moodumata B.O 576219KundapuraKarnataka
Mudlakatte B.O 576217KundapuraKarnataka
Mudmunda B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Mudur B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Nada B.O 576230KundapuraKarnataka
Navunda S.O 576224KundapuraKarnataka
Nujadi B.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Paduvari B.O 576214KundapuraKarnataka
Rattadi B.O 576227KundapuraKarnataka
Salvadi B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Shankaranarayana S.O 576227KundapuraKarnataka
Shedimane B.O 576212KundapuraKarnataka
Shenapura B.O 576235KundapuraKarnataka
Shiruru (Udupi) S.O 576228KundapuraKarnataka
Souda B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Taggarshe B.O 576214KundapuraKarnataka
Tallur S.O (Udupi) 576230KundapuraKarnataka
Tarapathi B.O 576232KundapuraKarnataka
Tekkatte S.O 576231KundapuraKarnataka
Trasi S.O 576235KundapuraKarnataka
Ullur B.O 576229KundapuraKarnataka
Ultoor B.O 576231KundapuraKarnataka
Uppinakudru B.O 576230KundapuraKarnataka
Uppunda S.O 576232KundapuraKarnataka
Vakwadi B.O 576257KundapuraKarnataka
Vandse S.O 576233KundapuraKarnataka
Yadyadi-mathyadi B.O 576222KundapuraKarnataka
Yedamoge B.O 576282KundapuraKarnataka
Yedthare B.O 576214KundapuraKarnataka
Yelajith B.O 576214KundapuraKarnataka

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